Pure-Delight Polka Dottie


Twilight entered our herd in 2020 and then briefly left to VT in 2021 to be a home milker/ cheese maker with her rich buttery milk. She returned to our herd, with her beautiful daughter bred by us, Tulsi. We would have loved to repeat the breeding that yielded Tulsi but both her sire, Picasso, and his sire, Ashes, had moved onto different herds already. We are very excited for spring as Tulsi was bred to multiple sires and it will be interesting to see who "won". 

Twilight, like most in her line, has a strong will to milk and makes delightful cheeses and mildly sweet, drinkable milk. Out goal is to improve her levelness over topline and rump and create a more smoothly blended animal yet maintain a pretty, nicely shaped and productive mammary.

DOB: 4/25/2018

Black w/ Moonspots

ADGA Genetics Link


Alpha s1 Casein TBD

Most Recent Appraisal:

LA 2022: VG86 (+VVV) @ 04-04 Very Good in rear legs

Career Highlights:

2022: Maryland State Fair 5th place 4 Year old.



Experimental were added in 2022 and not on test yet.

Progeny in our herd: 

Daughter; Tulsi

Twilight was bred to multiple bucks for 2023 and DNA will be done on kids