Rustic Wood's Riverside Gale

River is out of a doe who we purchased as a bred yearling in Fall if 2020. When River and her sister were born I knew they would be stand outs from the moment they dried off! River has always been a growthy and mature animal. She is smoothly blended and well balanced. Her mammary was a huge improvement on her dam whose udder we could never properly evaluate due to injury. 

River never entered a class as a kid that she did not win, shown in April of 21 as a kid she went Grand in the first ring she went into, and was pulled from the remaining rings. We brought her out again in the fall for our Maryland State Fair and she went Grand once more, also taking Best Junior Doe in Show.

The same can be said as a yearling milker in 22 at all local shows. River was shown a handful of times and each time won her yearling milker class. One of those times she also took a Reserve Grand win. At Nationals she was in a competitive yearling class and she was 10th place. At State Fair in the Fall she won her class as well, and really has deepened up over her second pregnancy. She is going to mature out to be a very BIG doe!

DOB: 1/12/2021


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*DNA on file*

Alpha s1 Casein A/A

Most Recent Appraisal:

LA 2022: VG86 (VVV+) @ 01-07; River was Excellent in rump, back, and rear legs! Very good in shoulder and front legs.

Career Highlights:

2021- SOBS: 1x Jr Grand Champion (Dry Leg), Maryland State Fair: Jr Grand Champion & Best Junior Doe in Show!

2022- Shown 5x, 5x First, 1x Rserve Grand.

2022 National Show Harrisburg PA; 10th Place Milking Yearling.

Maryland State Fair 1st place milking yearling with 1st place udder, member of 1st place Dairy herd.



We were on OS-40 and dried many does off early prior to our busy holidays. Next year we will have more complete data as we are moving to Standard 305.

Progeny in our herd: 

River will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's RJ Legend in Fall 2023