GCH (Pending) Majenli KF Malibu 2*M

Boo, my Heart 💙. What an impressive doe for her age! Boo was offered to us as a bred kid in fall of 2020 and since we had already added her dam, we felt it the perfect opportunity to work with a powerful line of impressive does. Malibu kidded a single doe in 2021 and we were not so impressed with her production, but she really picked things up this year having kidded triplets and we were so pleased with her leap in maturity both in body capacity, and her mammary Malibu easily earned her three milking legs this spring and went on to place 13th at Nationals in a very competitive class of animals. She then went Grand Champion and Best of Breed at the Maryland State Fair with MANY Lamanchas shown. Boo was Lap AI'd this fall with Virginia Herd Health Management Services and we are expecting triplets once again.

Malibu has a lovely front end, strong feet and pasterns, a wide, long, level rump. We feel she has lovely depth for her age and maturity, plus she has a graceful walk about her, and is such a dream to milk by hand!! Her milk is sweet and mild, "Non-goaty"

2023 Malibu has freshened with an even more capacious and beautiful udder than last year. She is so easy to milk by hand and machine, we hope show wins go through so we can feel good about taking her out to some shows as a challenger!

DOB: 2/1/2020

Black & High Tan with Roaning

ADGA Genetics Link

*DNA on file* 

Alpha s1 Casein: A/F

Most Recent Appraisal:

LA 2022: EX90 (VEEE) @ 02-06; Boo was Excellent in Rump and Front leg, Very Good in back, shoulder and head.

Career Highlights:

2021- 5x 1st in Class, Maryland State Fair 1st place yearling with 1st place udder

2022- Son of a Buck Show 2x GCH & BOB (2 legs), Piedmont Show 1x GCH (final leg)

2022 National Show Harrisburg PA; 13th place 2 year old.

Maryland State Fair 1st place 2 year old with first udder, Grand Champion and Best of Breed with Best Udder of Breed. First Place Dairy Herd.



We were on OS-40 and dried off once after 240 DIM. Next year we will have more complete data as we are moving to Standard 305.

Progeny in our herd: 

Daughters; Indulgence & Decadence

Dam is Spirit, Maternal Sister is Ponie

Spirit is the maternal niece of Lavish

Boo will be bred to +*B Lucky*Star's ME Henning in Fall 2023