Amaranthe Anatolians

With Angus cattle, Kune Kune Pigs, and the Dairy Goats on the farm we have found the integral role of livestock guardians to be among our most valued assets. Our AKC bitch, Amara, whelped a litter in 2022 and had 9 beautiful pups, exemplary for the breed. We are glad to see that they are keeping farms and homes safe and are excelling in their duties.  We retained two of these pups and they are everything we could have hoped for! While Amara will be spayed as we work towards some new and very exciting things, we aren't hanging our hat! Our belief is that working towards goals takes time, perseverance, lots of planning, and also... it takes a village! 

We have worked very hard to build new relationships, learn from others, understand the passions and the goals of other breeders, and we are building a great little village in which our love for working dogs can flourish. While I have had Anatolians since 2019, I had never stepped outside of my confines to really appreciate the many breeders and their unique programs and values. When I gained the courage to do so, I learned so much! I have a lot to learn yet, but I am taking the knowledge in eagerly and with gratitude.  When you really get down to it, goats and dogs aren't that different. Not everyone sees eye to eye, everyone's in a different place in their journey, but life feels better when we help build other breeders up, when we encourage one another, and when we understand that no matter all of our differences, we share the same root of our passion... we love our dogs.

We want to preserve the working traits and temperaments that are essential to the duties we ask of our guardians. Our goal is that when we produce a litter, its because we have the desire of keeping a puppy plus have enough trusted clients to carefully place those dogs and ensure they are in the environment best suited for them. We want to produce puppies free from hereditary defects and that have stable temperaments, and with a great foundation of training prior to venturing into their new homes.

We have plans for a late 2024 litter of exceptional working dogs, our wait list for these puppies has been started and is filling quickly. Additionally we will offer semen and breeding services to our Anatolian Studs only to approved and health tested females.

We look forward to the many years ahead for further learning and loving these incredible animals, and sharing that love and knowledge with others.

Our breeding dogs are fully health tested: OFA Hips, Elbows & Thyroid, Brucellosis Negative, Full Genetic Embark Panels

More Coming Soon...

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