CH (pending) Majenli SE Lavish

Ooh La, La, Lavish! Lavish is a big and powerful doe like most in her line. She has good strength of bone, is tall and long with a style we love. She can be a challenge to show because she is a big airhead who hates to be lead around and has  a tendency to trip and paddle when she is on lead, but out in the field, she is a treat to stare at! Her "Legally Blonde" brain did not stop her from finishing her championship in 2022 as a 2 year old, after having spent 2021 as a homestead milker on a good friends family farm in Vermont, making creamy cheeses and proving rich A/A casein milk.

Lavish kidded triplets in 2020, and in 2021, but then has just a large single doe in 2022 and this severely impacted her production. We are hoping she is carrying multiples once more for 2023. We love the fore udder and thirds on La's udder side profile as well as the texture of her mammary and nice orifice size with ease of milking. Our goals are to help teat placement and increase height and fill to her rear udder.

DOB: 2/2/2019

Light Chamoisee

ADGA Genetics Link

*DNA on file*

Alpha s1 Casein A/A

Most Recent Appraisal:

LA 2022: VG89 (VEEV) @ 03-06; Excellent in back and rump and a 3 on udder side view.

Career Highlights:

2019- GCH and BJDIS (dry Leg)

2022- Shown 2x, 2x Grand Champion (2 legs)

2022 National Show Harrisburg PA; 20th Place 3 year old.

Maryland State Fair 2nd place 3 year old with 2nd place udder.



We were on OS-40 and dried many does off early prior to our busy holidays. Next year we will have more complete data as we are moving to Standard 305.

Progeny in our herd: 

Daughters; Rebel

Lavish will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's RJ Legend in Fall 2023