Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

"Amaranthe Anatolians"

We obtained our first Anatolian in 2019 and were quickly hooked on the breed as an exceptional guardian for our goats. Now that we run Angus cattle, Kune Kune Pigs, and dairy goats on the farm our dogs have continued to play a vital role in keeping our stock safe and protected. Resilient, Powerful, Independent, Loyal, and Fearless are some of the words we can use to describe the essence of the breed. While we are still fairly new to the world of LGDs, we have now trained several on our own farm as well as begun taking in surrenders... our knowledge on training and behavior is ever growing. 

We look forward to the many years ahead for learning and loving these incredible animals, and sharing that love and knowledge with others. Not all of our Anatolians are registered, but most are registered with AKC and any that are bred will done so after necessary health testing. (PennHip/OFA hips, elbows, Brucellosis, Thyroid, and full genetic panels).

Amara is our matriarch and our most serious working dog. Fiercely loyal, protective, and territorial, yet with proper off territory shutdown and such a sweet nature towards those she values as family, she has matured significantly since her 2022 litter. She has become such a level-headed dog that works well alone or in pairs/trios. She has helped us to train every other dog on our property!

OFA excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Brucellosis Negative,  Thyroid Normal, Embark genetic Panel TBD.

Amara's 2022 pups learning the ropes. Arya and Ezio.

Lozen, spayed female and our best cow-dog!

Arya, our retained 2022 female pup out of Amara.

Arya with our current training project, Vin.

Arya and Ezio with uncle Kaplan, our 2 year old male.

Kaplan, our 2 year old brindle male.

Ezio, our retained 2022 male pup out of Amara.

Ezio's favorite past time, napping near goats.